Saturday, 30 November 2013

First swim of summer

Today was the first day of summer, December 1. What better way to welcome advent than a swim with the Bold and the Beautiful at Manly. It was a perfect swimming day, except for one little (wobbly) thing. The water was 19.5 degrees, clear and sparkly, the sun was out, the ocean was flat, and the fish were out in force:  Little ones, fluorescent ones, camouflaged ones (I missed them), cat-fishy ones and wobbly ones like this chappie here. Him and a bunch of his gelatinous chums had quite a lark wishing the simmers a happy Christmas in the only way they know,  the stingy way. Nothing too bad but I can still feel mine seven hours later.


Thank you to Snorkles, B&B blogger for the picture


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