Sunday, 13 October 2013

The not so Bold and Beautiful

Today saw a few firsts for me. The first open water swim since my swimming haircut, the first of the  Sydney season without a wetsuit, the first in a bikini and the first frisson of surf with the Bold and Beautiful. The haircut is brilliant, no need for large swim hats, precariously balanced goggles and no need to wrestle with tangled rats’ tails aprez swim. The water today was a refreshing 19 degrees. The two piece stayed in place. But the surf … I hang my head in shame!  There was no boldness about this B&B swimmer today. Once I clapped eyes on the big wave sets coming in I wimped out and joined the walk of shame to the ocean steps conveniently located beyond the break. I had a relaxed and pleasurable, if foreshortened, swim. So even though I was not a bold swimmer I was a happy one with no broken bones.  A new approach to the ocean is emerging I think. I wish all ocean swims had stair options!

After the swim we had our customary Bluewater brekkie tainted by a smidgeon of guilt at not having completed the full mileage. To assuage this guilt I persuaded husband Sid to take me to Clovelly where, with the millions, I plied up and down the breaker-free inlet a few times. I got a tan mark where the new two-piece sits and returned home happy with my topped-up mileage.

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