Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful (From Splash-e August, 2013)
The Bold and the Beautiful is an informal ocean swimming squad in Manly. They meet at the south end of Manly Beach every day at 7am to swim around to Shelly Beach and back again. The distance is 1.5 kms. The squad includes swimmers of all abilities. Some swim in wet suits, some with flippers. Some swim to Shelley Beach and walk back while some walk to Shelley  Beach and swim back.  The squad attracts around 150 swimmers.

It’s a friendly and relaxed group that welcomes newcomers. The swim is magnificent.  The marine life in Fairy Bower Bay is gorgeous. Occasionally the squad is accompanied by dolphins. Once a whale joined the lucky 49 swimmers

Newcomers can just turn up a little before 7am outside Manly SLSC. They then register their details and have their photo taken. They are then presented with a B & B pink swimming hat which needs to be worn each swim. There is no water safety with the group. There is no timing. There are no results. There is no water or fruit at the end. After the swim many go to Bluewater Café, one of their sponsors, for a coffee or breakfast.

Swimmers can earn a Cold and Beautiful badge for winter swimming if they complete 20 swims over the 13-week winter season.   During the summer the challenges are 6-km swims and 10-km return swims to Freshwater Beach and Curl Curl.


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